Helpful Tips & Hints

  • Before heating milk, rinse the pan with cold water (do not dry).  This keeps the milk from scorching.
  • Whenever you bake cakes, rather than greasing and flouring the pans, grease and sugar them.  Sugar spreads better than flour and doesn’t clump or leave a floury film on the baked cake.  Instead, it leaves a slightly sweet coating on the bottom and sides.
  • Stuffing manicotti is difficult, but if you use a basty bag without a tip, it’s a breeze!  Just spoon the filling into the bag, then squeeze it into the cooked pasta tubes. 
  • When cooking rice, put a folded towel between the lid and the pot.  That way, when the rice steams and creates moisture, the condensation doesn’t drip back into the rice.  It’s absorbed into the towel!  Cook the rice for the recommended amount of time. 

How To Freeze Anything


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